Budget-Friendly Projects to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Guest post by Suzie Wilson.

Buying a home is expensive, but so is fixing up your current home for sale. It is true that many home improvement projects add value to your home. However, some just are not worth the cost if you know buyers are going to do the fix on their own once they move in. In fact, some of the most expensive remodels give the worst return on investment, or ROI, according to Fixr. As a seller, you do not need to throw all your money at home improvement if you want your home to sell fast. Simple and affordable projects, like the ones below, can make a significant impact on their own.

house painting

Touch Up the Walls

It’s no secret that a neutral color pallet is appealing to a wider range of buyers. With that in mind, you might want to consider repainting a whole room if it’s one a bold color, like red or purple, which has the potential to drive down your home’s value. But that does not mean you need to repaint the whole interior. Chances are, many rooms are fine the way they are, and any issues can be fixed with a touch-up or a quick cleaning. Washing your walls takes a little time, but it costs next to nothing and can make your paint look new.

If you have paint left over from your original paint job, crack open the can to touch up minor damage that happens over time. In the event you do not have any matching paint left over, you may want to consider buying enough to cover any walls or rooms with extensive paint issues.

Fix Loose Handles

As buyers walk through your home, they are going to be opening cabinets, doors and closets to get a peek at all your house has to offer. If your doors do not hang straight or the handles rattle around, it might leave them wondering what else in the home does not work properly.

In many cases, getting cabinets and other doors to hang straight is as simple as tightening the screws. To fix a loose door handle, follow the instructions provided by Great Valley Lock Shop. It takes a little time, but you can usually repair these issues with tools you have on hand.

Maximize the Light

A home that looks dark inside usually comes across as uninviting. In many cases, homeowners already have all they need to fix a dark room. Sometimes, brightening a room is as simple as placing a few tables or floor lamps in a particularly dark area and making sure the curtains are open all the way.

If you have thick, heavy curtains or blinds that do not let in much light, you may want to take them down. Because most windows look more attractive with curtains rather than being left bare, consider using different window treatments that are lighter in color or are made from a lightweight fabric. Curtains are an inexpensive way to show off your home better, and as an added benefit, you can take them with you when you move.

Get Smart with Staging

You could spend a lot of money hiring a professional stager, but many of the technique’s stagers use are easy enough to implement on your own. Remember that a staged house is free from clutter, personal photos and decor with a lot of personality. In many cases, you can make a home look its best with materials you already have. Other times, you might want to buy a few budget-friendly decor items to help your home really shine.

When it comes to shopping for decor, refer to Rakuten’s Amazon shopping guide. By using coupon codes and promo codes wisely, you can save money on a wide variety of home goods. It is also easy to save by shopping on the Amazon Bargain Bin, Amazon Outlet or using Amazon coupons. For even greater savings, you can shop on Rakuten and other cashback sites.

Many sellers get focused on the ROI they may get from expensive projects, but you shouldn’t overlook the other ways you can make your home look great and make it sell in a shorter amount of time. Getting your home ready for listing does not have to cost a fortune when you address the small issues that leave a big impact on buyers.

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