4 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Home’s Value and Sell it Quickly

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Boost Home value

4 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Home’s Value and Sell it Quickly


Putting your home on the market can be a daunting task. Nothing is worse than the fear of knowing it could take months to sell your home if you do not have the time to wait for a buyer. Do not give into despair just yet. Check out the tips and tricks below to maximize your home’s desirability before you put that for sale sign up.


  1. Prepare for Market


One of the biggest challenges of placing your home on the market is setting the right price for it. Price it too high, and you may scare away buyers who’d be perfect for your home; set it too low, and buyers may think there is something wrong with it.


A listing agent will be your best resource in this. They will not only be able to accurately look at similar homes in your area and see what they sold for to set the best price for your home, but also guide you on the best time to sell. A good agent will also help you successfully promote your home online and encourage you to invest in a professional photographer to show off your home’s potential. Putting the right foot forward from the start goes a long way.


  1. Focus on the Kitchen and Bath


The kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms that fall under the biggest scrutiny by potential buyers. If you still plan on living in your home for some time, these are the rooms to invest in. According to HGTV, updates to the kitchen and bathroom have a 100 percent return rate even after you get a few years of use out of them.


A bathroom remodel in Houston will run you between $6,275 and $17,079, while a full kitchen remodel could cost you up to $60,000. However, a gut renovation is not necessary if you’re just looking to sell. Easy fixes like updating the faucets, giving it a new coat of paint, or replacing the knobs on the cabinets are inexpensive repairs that you can DIY while still creating a fresh feel to the room. These simple and minor updates to the kitchen and bath can greatly increase your home’s value without having to break the bank.


  1. Hire a Professional When Needed


While it’s smart to DIY as much as possible when updating your home, remember that different people have different strengths, and some projects are best left to the professionals. Typically, anything that requires a permit or needs to pass inspection should be left to the pros.


Watch out for projects that seem deceivingly simple, like installing an epoxy floor in your garage. While you can head to the hardware store and grab a bucket of epoxy paint to DIY, if done wrong, what could have been a huge appeal to buyers will be ineffective and therefore a waste of time. A professional, on the other hand, will be able to properly prepare the floor, find the appropriate paint for your environment, and make the investment worth it.


  1. Stage Your Home


Buyers want to envision themselves in your home, so to help them with this, be sure to stage your home properly. This means removing any personalization such as photographs and personal knick-knacks. Be sure to declutter your home to help create the illusion of more space and let in the light.


To create a better first impression with buyers, keep your home clean at all times. You’ll probably kick up a good deal of dust while cleaning, so before you begin, invest in a good air filter. Consider buying a MERV 11 filter, which eliminates 95 percent of airborne pollutants. Give the home a deep clean to remove any carpet stains or dirt between the counters, then keep it sparkling until it’s sold. You never know when someone will stop by to check the house out. It may seem trivial, but this will help create the impression that your home is ready for immediate move in.


Putting It on the Market


Selling a home is not easy. Ideally, you’d like to sell it for more than you bought it for. To help sell your home for what it’s truly worth, you may have to invest some time and money in showing off its potential. Doing so will not only help you sell faster, but can increase its value.


Guest post by Suzie Wilson – an interior designer for over 20 years, find out more about Suzie and her passion of interior design and helping people here… info@happierhome.net | Happier Home


Photo courtesy of Unsplash.


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